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Honoring Mom on Wedding Day

Updated: Jan 15

My work designing flowers for life's most sentimental celebrations always brings me into the heart of the most intimate family moments and over the years I have met so many amazing women. It is usually the bride who first reaches out to me full of joy and nervous energy about planning her day. But as the months of planning roll on, it is the moms who make the magic happen. They are the logical thinkers, the calming presence, the creative geniuses, budget managers, tear-drying, phone call-making right-hand gals we all need in times like these.

On the wedding day, it is traditional to honor the special woman in your life with fresh floral accessories to carry or wear. Corsages worn on the wrist or pinned to the shoulder are classic choices; while modern moms may choose to carry a small bouquet that coordinates with the bridal party flowers.

When my son, Jackson got married in 2020 I chose a pin on corsage for myself in the bride's favorite color.

Sometimes couples come to us after experiencing a loss of a parent and I have the sweet privilege of helping them to navigate wedding planning on their own while creating meaningful ways for them to remember their loved ones and to hold them close. For example, we have added small charms to a bride's bouquet in memory of a mother or grandmother who has passed away or made small bouquets to place on the chair in memory of their loved ones.

Frequently, in the course of designing wedding florals for clients, I form strong connections with brides and their families. As someone who has lost both a mother and a son, I am particularly grateful for these relationships.

Many of my client's mothers have become cherished real-life friends, and am always blown away by how many of our bride's favorite photos of their mothers have flowers I have designed in them.

Check out the gallery below to meet some of the lovely people I have met over the years. I am so blessed to do the work I do. Thank you to all the mothers, daughters, and sons who make my life so full and beautiful.

Happy Mother's Day,


Gallery - Flowers for Mom

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