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Welcome to Bout Camp!

Updated: May 15, 2023

Whether you call it a bout, boutonniere, or buttonhole, these tiny floral accessories are a traditional part of formal celebrations as well as the source of many questions for those planning special events: When is a boutonniere appropriate? Who needs one? How is it worn? and most importantly, how do you pin them on without stabbing somebody? Lucky for you, the designers at The Sentimental Petal are here to break it down for you!

Historically, men have worn flowers for fashion, for good luck, to signify membership in a group or club, and even to send secret messages like, “Hey, I’m into you!”

Today, boutonnieres are usually reserved for formal occasions such as parties, dances, and weddings. On wedding day, personal flowers serve to honor family and friends and also help to identify the key players for the photographer, planner, and guests.


Bouts- Who needs one?

  • The Groom

  • Groomsmen

  • Fathers of Bride & Groom

  • Grandfathers

  • Step Parents

  • Siblings

  • Ushers & Officiant


Wear it well!

Boutonnières are worn on the left side of the body and they should always be pinned to the jacket lapel, vest, or suspenders (but never to just the shirt). The pins should be passed through the stems on the underside of the garment and should never, ever be seen! Finally, one would think it does not need to be said but stems point down and flowers point up! We have seen some crazy things out there, but this cute bout is pinned and styled to perfection

Wearable flowers are an opportunity to express your personal style and create a cohesive aesthetic down to the smallest details. Traditionally, boutonnieres were made from single sturdy stems like roses and carnations. Recently, modern couples have been opting for more intricate, artistic designs, textural bunches, pocket squares, and even full, floral lapels. Be sure to ask your designer what is currently trending and check out this gallery for some of our recent designs!


Gallery - Blooms for Boys

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