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So... How Much do Wedding Flowers Cost?

Updated: Jan 15

Congratulations on your engagement! Planning a wedding is an exciting and sometimes stressful process but we are here to help with your budgeting questions.

While we are not the least expensive florist in our market, we are known for exceeding expectations and providing outstanding value for our clients.

We aim to create a look you love while respecting and maximizing your budget. We believe transparency around pricing is essential, therefore, we provide prompt and personalized quotes based on your specific style and scope of your event. Each event is priced individually based on your flower selection, the complexity of your designs, and the delivery and set-up requirements. Many factors affect a project's final cost; therefore, we do not quote specific prices until we have met with you and discussed your budget and needs.

OK… but how much should I plan to spend?

Our clients tend to be floral-focused and usually invest 15%-20% of their overall wedding budget on flowers and decor. However, if you are planning a very large event at a luxury venue, with elaborate designs, premium flowers, complex installations, and many guests and attendants, you can expect to spend 20-30% of your overall budget on flowers.

But what if I can’t afford my dream?

The best way to trim your wedding budget is to limit the size of your wedding party and guest list. Reception centerpieces and personal flowers for your attendants will make up the bulk of your flower order.

As a rule, the more people there are, the more flowers you need. It's also ok to re-order your priorities and spend more of your budget on designs that have more of an impact. For example, if you have a large bridal party, and want a lush statement arbor for your ceremony, or a few tall centerpieces for your tables, you could consider having your bridesmaids wear a trendy floral wristlet, or carry a single statement bloom.

I’m not a big-picture kind of person…. I’m going to need some real numbers.

Ok, but the following numbers are just guidelines to help you begin to budget for your wedding flowers. Your order could be more or less depending on your needs. Keep in mind that flower prices fluctuate widely depending on market conditions and seasonal availability. Every wedding is unique, and we are happy to show you a range of designs within your budget. Generally speaking, in 2023, this is what you can expect to pay for your essential arrangements when you book with The Sentimental Petal.

The prices in this article are general guidelines provided for budgeting purposes only. Please contact us to set up a free consultation and to receive a customized quote. Click Here!

If you are honest about your budget, and if you will rely on our professional designers to make the right flower and design choices, then we are confident we can create something beautiful together.

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