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Why I am Sentimental About Petals

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

When people consider my life with flowers I imagine some think it to be terribly glamorous with giant urns overflowing with fragrant blooms on every surface. While that sounds divine, the truth is my home-based studio is often messy, and I give all of my best work to my clients.

I have a deep love for broken, and left behind things and I make a point to give life and purpose to every bud and leaf and petal that comes into my home. The arrangements I make from the bits and scraps and "trash" that I keep for myself, are among my most treasured designs.

I believe every bloom has a story. These out of season ranunculus came here all the way from Holland but were left behind at the wholesaler because someone ordered too many. The red roses didn't open so they didn't get invited to the homecoming dance. The pink roses were over eager and opened too much to make a sturdy boutonniere and the burgundy mums just got fussy and dropped most of their petals when they found out they were going to be in a wedding.

All of them were forgotten or rejected in some way and they could have easily gone into my trash pile when I finished with the perfect florals for my events this weekend. Instead, I gave them an extra half hour of my time, my favorite vase and an honored spot in my own kitchen.

Flowers have no agenda, they have no insecurities. They selflessly give us the last hours of their brief lives just to make OUR lives, more beautiful. Most of my job is just helping flowers to die with purpose and dignity.

I treat my flowers much the same way as I treat the people in my life. I give them silly names, I talk to them, I encourage them and give them what they need to grow and bloom. Like all the broken, fading and not good enough flowers on my kitchen counter, I have a deep love for the broken, the quirky and forgotten people that cross my path. Just as I have a purpose and a plan for every bloom that makes its way to my shop, God has a purpose and a plan for every person that he put on this planet. I hope you will stick around. Maybe the flowers will help us find our way together.

Sentimentally Yours,


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